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新山詩織 – 隣の行方

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Niiyama Shiori – Tonari no Yukue (To Your Side)

Lyrics: Niiyama Shiori
Song: Kobayashi Shotaro
Translation: Kafka

Evening, in a crossroad further than the bus stop
I turn my head, pretending it to be coincidence
I caught a glimpse of you in the crowd I walked pass by, oh Baby

In my uniform, I stood next to the long shadow
It’s like we’re lovers, I could say
I felt a kind of small happiness
I wonder why?

The smiling face by my side, if we would meet again
What would I like to say to you?
The song we hummed in those days
I heard it from the radio

I know you are not good at numbers
But I also know that you are kinder than anyone
Every time I rewrite the letter I didn’t give to you
It’s loosing its color, I’m scared

I don’t know anymore if I really love you or not
Sinking myself in silence, not a single word
Even “Thank You”, I couldn’t say
Only the seasons passed
Then I grew older

The smiling face by my side, if we would meet again
What would I like to know about you?
The times I wept won’t remain in the photos
Even we have found love again, it will surely be alright
We are tied with a thread that cannot be severed

Cafe au lait in one hand, I walked the streets
Searching for your whereabouts
I’ll always remember the bittersweet scent

The smiling face by my side, if we would meet again
What would you talk to me?
When I turn 20
The things about me that changed, how many are there?
Tell me please


偶然のフリをして ふりかえる
夕暮れ バス停の先 交差点で
通り過ぎてゆく 人混みのなか あなたが見えたI Oh Baby

制服のまま並ぶ 長い影が
そんな小さなシアワセ 感じていた

隣の笑顔に また逢えたなら
あたしは あなたに 何を伝えたいんだろう?
あの頃ふたり 口ずさんでいた歌が Radio から

渡せない手紙 書き直すたび
色褪せそうで 怖くて

黙り込んだまま あの時ひとこと

隣の笑顔に また逢えたなら
あたしは あなたの 何を知りたいんだろう?
写真にはたぶん 残らないような時間涙

お互いにまた恋をしても 途切れない糸で繋がってる

あなたの行方を 捜しているの
カフェオレ 片手に 歩いた道で
ほろ苦い香り 今でもずっとあたし覚えてる

隣の笑顔に また逢えたなら
あなたは あたしに 話してくれるかな?

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