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MUSIC GOLD RUSH Tricot Translation

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First meeting was awkward = laugh
Host says they are already very popular.

Ikkyuu – Vocalist, Nakajima Ikkyuu. My charm point is that if I don’t care my eyebrows, they will connect into one. (*hahahaha, damn)

Motifour – Guitar & Chorus, Kida Motifour. My charm point is that my eyes are like corpses. (Shinderu in Japanese means dead. Me ga shindeiru metaphorically means her eyes don’t have life or energy in them). (*now that she mentions it. Hahaha)

Host: Why “Motifour”?

Motifour: Well, I’m rather usually called “Senpai”. (Text on the screen, Motifour was Ikkyuu’s senpai in High School)

Ikkyuu: That’s right, she was my high school senpai. Well, everyone calls her senpai.

Host: “Motifour” sounds like a habitual unused name. *laughs*

Hiromi: Bass & Chorus. Hiromi Hiro Hiro. My charm point is that my teeth are protruding. *laughs*

Host: Hahaha you three, do you even know what “charm” means?

Hiromi: Yes, my teeth are protruding.

Ikkyuu: She has one excessive tooth.

Hiromi: Yes. This fang I have. This tooth is protruding too much.

Host: That’s many. *laughs*

Narration: Rather than their charm points, they’ve introduced their embarrassing points.

After that, some big fan intrude the studio.

tricot’s age: Ikkyuu (25), Motifour (26), Hiromi (26)

tricot was formed on Sept 2010.

tricot’s history:
Ikkyuu: before tricot, I was doing solo (as Nakajima Ikumi) and support roles. Met Motifour often for guitar sessions. Then I invited her to tricot. Then she asked who will do the bass. We decided on Hiromi since she was the most eager.

Host: How did you meet?

Hiromi: When I was in a band before tricot, In that band (RINSUKE), Kida-san (motifour) attended our concert, yes a viewer, she was an avid fan. (laughts). After that, we connected.

Host: and so how did she capture your attention?

Motifour: I loved her bass phrasing. I was thinking if she could play the bass for us.

Host: Yeah, when Nishidai (the big fan) saw tricot live, he said to me that the bassist Hiro Hiro has the same size of my own bass. So I though, my bass is THIS big. When I saw her, rather than heavy, it’s so big for her!


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