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MUSIC GOLD RUSH Tricot Translation Part 2

Host: Ikkyuu, Motifour, these names are quite unique. did you all name yourselves?

Ikkyuu: For me, since I was grade school I was already being called “Ikkyuu”. From my real name “Ikumi”, i tried converting them to numbers, 1 (i / ichi), 9 (ku / kyuu), 3 (mi / san). So it equals to Ikkyuusan. Then lastly Ikkyuu.

Host: so you are a kind of person whose grade school nickname remains until now? *laughs* well, Hiro Hiro also, who decided that name?

Hiromi: I did. Well, my name is Hiromi, so I thought I should make a band nickname for me. It just turns out to be Hiro Hiro.

Ikkyuu: it’s a kind of nickname that can think just by yourself.
Host: Ah, “Motifour”. That is the real question. Is it a word from a
nother country? or something from it?

Motifour: Not at all.

Host: I wanna analyze why “Motifour”.

Host: Moteru? (Popular?) Motifoi… Motifour… not?

Motifour: Nope.

Nishidai (Fan): Well, your name is Kida Motoko? and then for example: A conceited obnoxious ex-boyfriend and lightly says: Motifooooooo!

Host: Senpai, your name is Kida what?

Motifour: I’m Kida Motoko.

Host: What?! You’re got her name right!

Motifour: I thought you knew?

Host: so from Kida Motoko, to Motiko to Motifo, Motifour?

Motifour: Well, it’s not directly from Motoko. From my previous band, Takeuchi Denki, there is a member whose name is Thirty Four, the guitarist.

Ikkyuu: Guitarist, whose eyes are also corpse-like.

Motifour: From Satoshi, if you convert them to numbers, 3, 10, 4. Equals to 34. And then, there’s also a person whose name is Watifour from mudy on the sakuban, also a guitarist.

Host: Also have corpse-like eyes.

Nishidai (fan): so it’s a group composed of that?

Motifour: Yeah, I received the name, Thirty Four, then Watifour, then after being involved with mudy, I became Motifour.

Ikkyuu: it’s a name passed down.

Host: “tifour”. So person who can succeed the name qualifies as “Can be converted to numbers and Corpse-like eyes?

Motifour: must have corpse-like eyes. *laugh*

Host: so you don’t mind being called senpai all time?

Motifour: Not all atll.

Ikkyuu: Well, of the 3 of us in the band, she’s more like a taciturn father to us.

Ikkyuu: She’s like sitting there, not saying anything.. Hmm.. Her aura is incredible. Hiromi is more like a mother. Overflowing with warmth. Well, I on the hand, is like a mischievous brat. Wanna do this and that.
Host: Father, Mother, Child.

Ikkyuu: Yeah, a closer depiction of us.

Host: Oh yeah, that you say it. Ikkyuu, if you look at her, she looks like a little boy. *laugh*

Ikkyuu: yeah, I’m also often called as “shounen” (little boy).

Host: you don’t get scolded much?

Ikkyuu: Well, I do often get scolded by Senpai.

Host: Such as?

Ikkyuu: “Throw the trash!”

Ikkyuu: Hmm, like “Throw the garabage”

Ikkyuu: so as a human being, I’m like full of trash. Just like you, I often act like a little boy. I wrap my feet with tape during lives. So after lives, I remove them, now feet is dirty black. Then I put the very dirty tape on the table, just leaving it there.

Motifour: cuz’ it’s not something that should be put on the table.
Host: Hooooo… really she’s like a little boy.

Host 2: yeah, before we started, she was sitting like this. Oh, she’s really like a little boy.

Host: you don’t have any girly qualities?

Ikkyuu: yeah, I don’t have any particular feminine qualities…

Hiromi: She even farts in the train. Well, around 4-6pm too. (rush hour LOL)

Nishidai (fan): what the hell are we talking about? aren’t going to talk and promote them?! we should talk about their songs. *everybody laughs*

About their song compositions part:

Host: where do you compose your songs?

Ikkyuu: before we became 3 again, 4 of us (with komaki), in the studio. But when we became 3 again, we usually stay in one of our houses and drink tea, eat snacks while playing the guitar. We record them to our computers. It’s like a mini session. Before, it was usually mine. Recently, we now always go to Hiromi’s.

Host: so, Ikkyuu doesn’t compose all the songs right?

Ikkyuu: Yeah, though I have composed songs by myself, most of the instrumental composition is the 3 of us. Usually, we follow Senpai’s guitar riffs then after that we go with the flow until the song is finished. First we finish the instrumental part. Then add the singing parts.

Host: so the lyrics is after that.

Ikkyuu: Yes, the melody and lyrics is after that.

Host: so when composing a song, you compose it as an instrumental song?
Ikkyuu: yes, we compose the song first as an instrumental, add its charms and coolness. Then after that, we add the singing. Just like playing in an adlib jam session.

Host: What song took the most to compose?

Hiromi: 99?

Ikkyuu: The song “99.974 degrees”. it’s really complicated song. This song took a lot of time. This song was finally finished the day before the recording. The arrangement barely made it.
*shows MV of 99.974 degrees*

Host: so this song’s melody was not composed with the instrumental part?

All 3: yes.

Host: well, I want to hear that part also. (no singing or melody)

Hiromi: when you listen to it, it’s completely different.

ikkyuu’s comment: After this part, it’s quite amazing. Just before the chorus.

Host 2: if you just focus listening to the sound itself, it’s quite amazing.
after MV

Host: wow. sooo cool.

Nishidai: the 1,2,3,4, GOOO! part, who came up with that?

Motifour: well, somewhat everybody. “This is it” kind of feeling.

Ikkyuu: the reason for the “This is it” kind of feeling, we three might be quite similar.

Host: There’s no band like you with the 3 of you in this kind of unison, as a 3 piece band.

interview ends. Clips of their one man tour this year.
Only worth mentioning is Ikkyuu. Always before lives, right before their turn to perform, she gets so nervous that her stomach starts acting up and have to go the bathroom.

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MUSIC GOLD RUSH Tricot Translation

First meeting was awkward = laugh
Host says they are already very popular.

Ikkyuu – Vocalist, Nakajima Ikkyuu. My charm point is that if I don’t care my eyebrows, they will connect into one. (*hahahaha, damn)

Motifour – Guitar & Chorus, Kida Motifour. My charm point is that my eyes are like corpses. (Shinderu in Japanese means dead. Me ga shindeiru metaphorically means her eyes don’t have life or energy in them). (*now that she mentions it. Hahaha)

Host: Why “Motifour”?

Motifour: Well, I’m rather usually called “Senpai”. (Text on the screen, Motifour was Ikkyuu’s senpai in High School)

Ikkyuu: That’s right, she was my high school senpai. Well, everyone calls her senpai.

Host: “Motifour” sounds like a habitual unused name. *laughs*

Hiromi: Bass & Chorus. Hiromi Hiro Hiro. My charm point is that my teeth are protruding. *laughs*

Host: Hahaha you three, do you even know what “charm” means?

Hiromi: Yes, my teeth are protruding.

Ikkyuu: She has one excessive tooth.

Hiromi: Yes. This fang I have. This tooth is protruding too much.

Host: That’s many. *laughs*

Narration: Rather than their charm points, they’ve introduced their embarrassing points.

After that, some big fan intrude the studio.

tricot’s age: Ikkyuu (25), Motifour (26), Hiromi (26)

tricot was formed on Sept 2010.

tricot’s history:
Ikkyuu: before tricot, I was doing solo (as Nakajima Ikumi) and support roles. Met Motifour often for guitar sessions. Then I invited her to tricot. Then she asked who will do the bass. We decided on Hiromi since she was the most eager.

Host: How did you meet?

Hiromi: When I was in a band before tricot, In that band (RINSUKE), Kida-san (motifour) attended our concert, yes a viewer, she was an avid fan. (laughts). After that, we connected.

Host: and so how did she capture your attention?

Motifour: I loved her bass phrasing. I was thinking if she could play the bass for us.

Host: Yeah, when Nishidai (the big fan) saw tricot live, he said to me that the bassist Hiro Hiro has the same size of my own bass. So I though, my bass is THIS big. When I saw her, rather than heavy, it’s so big for her!

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たんこぶちん – Bye Bye 〜君といた春〜

Tancobuchin – Bye Bye ~Kimi to Ita Haru~

Lyrics: Yoshida Madoka, Okubo Tomohiro
Song: Okubo Tomohiro
Translation: Kafka

Are these 3 wishes what I really want after they’ve been granted?
I’m curious whether if it’s all a lie or not

The time we spent was everything to me
As the colors also ascends into the atmosphere
These 4 aligned one-sets are only meant for us both

Take care not to break down
I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake
My 4th wish is to perceive it and then vanish

And so bye bye, thank you
Today I will not say “See you again”
You were always by my side all the time
The flower petals flutters as always
Since your back is swaying
I’ve been looking up since it’s (my tears) about to overflow, forever and ever

Although important things change color and fade out easily
And yet you gave me so much that I’m not able to carry all of it

As you were smiling alluringly
My feelings swelled up while I kept my distance
Bearing the lies, I’m sure I’ll be asking for it again

And so bye bye, thank you
The countless hours I spent with you
I decided to leave it all
The flower petals flutters as always
Since your back is swaying
I will reminisce that smile of yours, surely and certainly

Take care not to break down
I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake
My 4th wish is to perceive it and then vanish

And so bye bye, thank you
Today I will not say “See you again”
You were always by my side all the time
The flower petals flutters as always
Since your back is swaying
I’ve been looking up since it’s (my tears) about to overflow, forever and ever


ホントかウソかどうか 知りたくなる

4つ並べてワンセット 二人だけの物

触れて 消える 4つ目の願い

どんなときも そばにいたね
こぼれそうで 見上げていた ずっとずっと

抱えきれないほどに 君がくれた

ウソを 抱いて きっとまた願う

置いてゆくよ そう決めたの
その笑顔を 思い出すよ きっときっと

触れて 消える 4つ目の願い

どんなときも そばにいたね
こぼれそうで 見上げていた ずっとずっと