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植田真梨恵 – さよならのかわりに記憶を消した

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Ueda Marie – Sayonara no Kawari ni Kioku wo Keshita ~I erased the memories instead of saying goodbye~

Song & Lyrics: Ueda Marie
Translation: Kafka

Bubbles amidst the darkness, one popped and vanished
Time, it’s too short. And so
Even it was there in the first place, It’s gotten pretty, it’s unknown to me

“Hey, Doctor, it’s already hopeless
The truth remains in my unchanging memories, I don’t need any proof
Memoirs of the both us, They will only cling onto this mind of mine
They will only cling on”

In my rewinding memories, the day I met you
If only I had snatched you away,
And when I started to forget you, I abruptly recall you
One by one, they were vanishing

Hey, Doctor, is it already hopeless?
I’m unable to accept the truth, even if I can’t go back anymore
Just this one memory, please let it stay with me
Please don’t erase it

The sea where I met you, your speaking voice
The number you wrote, The phone I used to call you
The stars you and me saw, The bed where you cried
Everything you erased, I erased you, everything

It was simple, like having met you
It was simple, like me and you falling in love
It was simple, like living life with you
It was simple, like to separate from you

It was simple, like to separate from you

The song you sang, the name I called you
The orange hair of yours, the cup you kept
The things you dripped, our dying promise
I erased everything about you, I erased you, everything

Come and meet me… I’m already this far away


暗闇にしゃぼん玉ひとつ 割れた、消えた
時間なら短すぎた だから、
もともとそこにあったのかすら わからない程 きれいになった

事実は変わらず記憶に残って 証拠なんて無いわ
二人の跡なんて この脳裏にこびりついてるだけ

巻きもどる記憶の中 あの日の君に会った
忘れかけていたこと ふっと蘇っては

事実を飲み込むことが出来なくて もう戻れなくても

君と会った海 君の話す声
君が書いた番号 君にかけた電話
君と見た星座 君が泣いたベッド



君の歌った歌 君を呼んだ名前
君のオレンジの髪 君を飼ったコップ
君が雫した事 消えそうなやくそく

逢いにきて… もう遠くへ

One thought on “植田真梨恵 – さよならのかわりに記憶を消した

  1. I’ve been absolutely in love with this song for quite a while now. The piano melody goes so well with her voice, amazing how powerful can such a simple song be. Also great job running the blog – I’ve discovered many great artists here 🙂

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