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Drop’s – 未来


Drop’s – Mirai ~Future~

Song & Lyrics: Nakano Miho
Translation: Kafka

Oh the sweet, sweet cotton candy-like clouds, let us ride on and take us somewhere
Casually, aimlessly, not needing anything, I have abandoned my feet

Solitude is quite selfish right?
Letting my heart afloat without a destination

Hello, I think of the future just for little bit
While the railroad crossings are closed, I kiss the floating whiteness of spring

The far distant hazy chimney smoke, I pretended not to know about it
Even though I’m being torn apart bit by bit, just don’t avert your eyes

Kindness is quite incoherent right?
The entwined lines, I can’t find them

Hello, somewhere out there, I wonder if there is a future
Without saying anything, I’m sure the wind will color your face

Caught by the intermittent
I hear the song we both only know of

Hello, I think of the future just for little bit
On the other side of the railroad crossing, please don’t disappear, I beg you

Hey, somewhere out there, is there a future?
Gently inhaling the wind, spring reaches into my chest

Hello, I think of the future just for little bit
Right now, the clouds, without a word, pushes though
Gently kiss me


甘い甘い わたがしの雲 ふたり乗せてどこ行く
ぶらりぶらり なにも要らなくて 足はなげだした

さみしさは 身勝手ね

もしもし すこしだけ 未来 想うよ
踏切は 開かないまま 白く浮かぶ春に キスして

遠い遠い 煙突かすむ けむり 知らないふりさ
じわりじわり ちぎれそうでも 目だけそらさないで

やさしさは ちぐはぐね
からまる線 見つけられないの

もしもし どこかに 未来 あるだろう
風はなにも 言わないまま きっとその横顔 染めるわ

とぎれとぎれ つかまえた
ふたりしか知らない歌が きこえる

もしもし すこしだけ 未来 想うよ
踏切の むこう側 消えてしまわないで おねがい

ねえ どこかに 未来 あるだろう
風をそっと すいこんで 胸に届くのは春
もしもし すこしだけ 未来 想うよ

3 thoughts on “Drop’s – 未来

  1. Oh my, thank you!(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
    This band is talented, Nakano Miho’s lyrics are beautiful and meaningful, especially that one that echoes my feelings!

  2. I am soooo excited about the new album. I have to be careful, that I do not preorder an additional copy each time I hear Drop’s…

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