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Silent Siren – チラナイハナ

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Silent Siren – Chiranai Hana

Song: Kubo Naoki
Lyrics: Su
Translation: Kafka

Right now, each second as I closed my eyes, someone in the world is laughing, and crying
I wonder how long have I’ve been awake?
I ran away from reality in a second

I have created my ideal world but the thrusting light is straight
That I thought no matter how uncertain I am
Something will change once time passes on

Somehow I managed to pass through
Somehow I managed to live on
Is the scenery that my eyes see also a lie? hey, please tell me!

This flower falls out and shed tears, gently looking up at the sky
Today, I’ll also breathe on
And even I don’t want it to, tomorrow will still come

Everything felt pointless
Everything became insignificant
Even if I believe in someone, they won’t accept me
Even my own existence is vague

Time steadily continues on
It is only I who have stopped
So expecting that much from me will give me such burden, it’s suffocating!

This flower withers and shed tears, gently looking up at the sky
Today, I’ll also breathe on
The earth rotates as time goes around, but not at the same time, I’m not gonna resist
For I’ll be reborn into my subsequent self, into my new self

If I can go through time and return to the past
With the petals that instantly scatters away and a heart that crumbles
This flower will never fall out ever, ever


今 世界中の誰かが笑って泣いて 目を閉じた一秒の間に


理想の世界を作ったって 差し込む光はまっすぐで


花は散り涙を流し そっと空を見上げる


だから そんな風に期待されたって困るの 息苦しいよ!

花は枯れ涙を流しそっと空を見上げる 私は今日も呼吸する
地球は周り時は巡る 同じ時はなくて 私は抵抗する事もなく
次の自分へと 新しい自分へと生まれかわる

もしも 時を越え 前に戻れるなら
刹那に散りゆく花びらも 崩れ落ちるこの心も

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