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Tricot – art sick

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Tricot – art sick

Lyrics: Nakajima Ikkyuu
Song: Tricot
Translation: Kafka

Painting, Painting

Mixing, Mixing
Applying, Applying

I always get contaminated by overlapping colors of emotions
I have always escaped from being swallowed by the waves of impulse

Solving it, Freeing from it

In that moment, she merely just became art
When I averted my eyes just a second
I was under a very long illusion

I always get swayed by the chase of the darkness of emotions
I have always slipped out from the painted out traps of impulse

I was looking at an illusion



Egai te yuku egai te yuku

mazatte yuku mazatte yuku
oi te yuku oi te yuku

kanjō no iro o kasane watashi wa itsumo yogore ta
shōdō no nami ni nomare nai yō ni watashi wa itsumo nige ta

toi te yuku hagare te yuku

honno sukoshi me o sorashi ta tsukanoma
kanojo wa tada no āto ni natta
totemo nagai genkaku o mi te i ta

kanjō no yami ni oware watashi wa itsumo yure ta
shōdō no wana o nuritsubushi te watashi wa, itsumo magire ta

genkaku o mi te i ta

egai te iku


描いてゆく 描いてゆく

混ざってゆく 混ざってゆく
置いてゆく 置いてゆく

感情の色を重ね 私はいつも汚れた
衝動の波にのまれないように 私はいつも逃げた

解いてゆく 剥がれてゆく


感情の闇に追われ 私はいつも揺れた



One thought on “Tricot – art sick

  1. Thanks for this lyrics, great job!!

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