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Tricot – 爆裂パニエさん


Tricot – Bakuretsu Panie-san ~ The Explosive Mr. Panie

Lyrics: Nakajima Ikkyuu
Song: Tricot
Translation: Kafka

Invaded by plankton, my emotions drowned and vanished

Trying to end it all in the depths of the deep sea

This pain from the warmth of my despised white skin is just alright
Since then, the more I want say that it’s inevitable
That my feeling for only you is a mistake! mistake!

“Living is to live on”

Not disclosing everything on trying end myself was sadder than I thought
Empathized a little in an off-white box
The one who is lying, is it me? or is it you, the curious onlooker?
And yet you can’t also skillfully manage your creations
I’m not intelligent enough to fool people
I’m not stupid enough to spill out all the truth
Just by continuing to dance will erase the line between lies and truth
And you said I’m a stupid idiot


Purankuton ni okasare ta kanjō obore te kie ta

shinkai de owaraseyo u toshite n da

kirai shiroi hada no namanuru sa itai kurai ga boku ni wa chōdo ii to
irai sore wa kimi dake no kankaku chigauchigau motto shiyō ga nai to ii tai

‘ikiru yō ni ikiru sa’

subete o hirō deki nu mama boku ga boku o oeru no wa omotta yori mo kanashii to
chottoshita ofuhowaito no hako ni kanjō inyū shi te mi ta
uso o tsui te iru no wa boku na no ka wa ta mata tada no yajiuma no kimi ka
sōzō no kanri mo jōzu ni okonae te i nai kuse ni
boku wa hito o da maseru hodo atama ga yoku wa nai daro u shi hontō no koto o subete hanasu hodo
baka ja nai
sore o uso to shinjitsu no rain o kesu tame dake ni tada odoritsuzuke te iru dake no
baka ya rō da to kimi wa itta


プランクトンにおかされた感情 おぼれて消えた


嫌い白い肌の生ぬるさ 痛いくらいが僕にはちょうどいいと




4 thoughts on “Tricot – 爆裂パニエさん

  1. This song is very confusing, but I love it. So many と particles, are they really conditionals? I don’t really understand How Ikkyu uses them here.

    • I know right? but somehow I understand Ikkyuu’s lyrics. They are partly vague but they are actually mostly metaphors. She uses the sea a lot in her lyrics.

      by the way, she only used the particle と three times. 「ちょうどいいと」「仕様がないと言いたい」「悲しいと」

      Japanese can be so profound but when she uses と it’s just a expression to her. or just continue the sentence yourself with either と言う、と思う、となる。

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  3. Thank you for the translation! I’m curious if you have thoughts on what the meaning of the song may be.

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