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Tricot – Swimmer

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Tricot – Swimmer

Lyrics: Nakajima Ikkyu
Song: tricot
Translator: Kafka

The stain on the ceiling appears in the morning,
Then disappears in the night
It’s spreading along my voluminous melancholy
The dream I saw last night, was it reality?
I fell asleep staring at the swelling stain

If you are gonna smile, then smile,
As if you really understand huh?
What I want to obtain
And what you desire were always different

Gonna end it all tomorrow
Like watching the floating haze in the white sky vanish

In the morning after a long night
The perplexed me was swept away and released into the universe
And now I am free

If you are gonna smile, then smile,
You probably won’t understand right?
What you’ve desired is not worth anything anymore
I will smile better than someone like you
You definitely won’t win against my present self
Anyone definitely can’t win

One morning, the stain on the ceiling vanished


天井の染みは 朝に現れ夜に消える
昨夜見た夢は 現実だったのかなぁ
膨らんだ染みを 見つめては眠り落ちる

笑うなら笑えよ 君にはわかるまいさ
君の欲しいものと 僕が手に入れたいものはいつも違っていた

明日で全てを 終わりにしようと
白い空に浮かんだ 靄が消えるのを見ていた

長かった夜を 越えて来た朝は
途方に暮れてた 僕をさらって宇宙に放った

笑うなら笑えよ 君にはわからないだろう
僕は笑うよ 君なんかより上手に行きてゆく

天井の染みは ある朝なくなってた

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