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ねごと – 潜在証明

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Negoto – Senzai Shomei ~Proof of Potentiality~

Song & Lyrics: Negoto
Translation: Kafka

Floating fragments are concealed in the nearing tomorrows
Hazy lights are mixed in a vortex of dust

It’s unknown, whether the inside is still unripe or furthest end?
Search the clearly visible triangle from the place we end up

Our gazes will overlap in that moment when we fly past each other
Cast away those scorched days and let us move forward
Right now, let’s stop the rational time

Above our isolating freedom are piercing fragments
Point out our destination with just a formless fingertip

Is the nucleus redder or is it still growing?
Take a breather and before long, the triangle will shine and be revealed
In that moment when the overflowing trajectories overlap
Cast aside the days we have clung to, let’s move on
Bust through the rational conscience

How long will this hot breath last?
Without knowing the limits, I want it to beat fast
Be used to stepping affable intentions


迫る明日を隠し 漂う欠片が
塵の渦に 混ざりながら 光 光り霞む

未知 蒼くは奥 そこが最果てか?

飛び交う視線が 重なる その刹那に
狂わない時間を 今止めろ

孤独な自由の上 突き刺さる欠片が
行く先示して ただ形のない指先で

赤くは核 そこが最深か?
息つく間もなく 照らし出される△の

溢れる軌跡が 重なるその刹那に

熱い呼吸は いつまで続くだろう
果て様も知らず 高鳴っていたい
砕けた意志を 踏み慣らせ

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