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ねごと – nameless


Negoto – nameless

Song & Lyrics: Negoto
Translation: Kafka

A dead end with a “what if”

Rules are quite transparent and lead-like hearts
The damaged pieces of corrects, who the hell buries them?

Let’s push our way through contradictions

The end as a beginning is what you continue to say right?
Flashback! Sever those tied hands
Something such as regret is out of the question, they are scattered into hope
Do you have any wishes? I want to look into something after this

Stop breathing with “What if”
The town is just silently sleeping

Thinking I can’t go anywhere will just seclude me to solitude
Happiness is something I decide after

When seeking the aimless tomorrows gets tiring
Light up! Walk through the illuminated labyrinth
Apart from that, I want the burning present immediately
By the way, how far can I believe in them?

Someday sadness will become joy
Beyond the hazy dream
I can witness the end over and over
I have a nameless heart, yours is the same right?
Let me peek into it’s location

The end as a beginning is something you say many times
Flashback! Open that closed up door
The right answers are unexpectedly everywhere
As you wish, I’ll take you away from here


「もしも」では 行止まり

ルールはまるで透明 鉛のような心臓
ピースの欠けた正解 一体誰が埋める?


最初で最後 なんて続くから言うんだろう
フラッシュバック 繋いだ両手を離せ
後悔なんて論外 希望は散り散りに
望みあり? 何が見たいこれから

「もしも」では 息留まり

どこにもいけると思うと 寂しくなるだけ
幸せなんてもんは 後から僕が決める

ライトアップ 照らした迷路を歩け

うやむや 夢の彼方
名前のない心だ あなたも同じでしょう
覗かせて その在処を

最初で最後 なんていくらでも言えるのさ
フラッシュバック 塞いだトビラを開け
本物なんて案外 答えはあちこちに
望み通り 連れてゆくさここから


2 thoughts on “ねごと – nameless

  1. can u translate greatwall? 🙂

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