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Single of the Month: 小南泰葉(Kominami Yasuha) – Trash

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01. Trash
02. 希望 (Kibou)
03. NAME
04. Trash (instrumental)
05. 希望 (instrumental)

Kominami Yasuha is a singer-song writer from Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. She is under the influence of Shiina Ringo and Bjork as her idol. She mixed all her influences in her way of singing. Her unique way of singing reminds me of Shiina Ringo’s way of singing, the husky tone of YUI’s vocals and her superb falsettos that represent’s Bjork’s. She likes scary movies, so some of her songs are quite haunting, like 希望(kibou). She also sings a lot of folk songs with her acoustic guitar.

This is her First Major Debut Single and songs “Trash” and “希望(kibou)” will be theme songs for the dark anime movie “Asura”.

One thought on “Single of the Month: 小南泰葉(Kominami Yasuha) – Trash

  1. I listened to her and it was most definitely not a waiste of my time. She sounded beautiful and pure, and her music definitely fitted to my taste.

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