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小南泰葉 – Trash

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Kominami Yasuha – Trash

Song & Lyrics: Kominami Yasuha
Translator: Kafka

A travelling voice has captured both my eyes and hands
But still, I did not say anything
Stepping on appending shadows and lights, it’s right there

For me to find answers, I went on a journey
I won’t break down, I absolutely won’t get hurt,
I won’t fall down

Goodbye my first day
Always was asking for the moon
Like a sparrow admiring a peacock

The more you become whiter, I’m becoming a shadow
Expose your hands in this new light and try raising them
The more you become brighter, I’m becoming darker
Do it all in the past, future and also in the present
You and me are being connected
Let’s kiss this grey dyed world
Let’s hug this indigo blue dyed world

To seize and open is tightly tying a knot
Strike and smash this strong profound construction
Every hand luggage is a discovered sieved ore
Just wear the shining ones
Well then, let’s rise up!

The more you become a sound, I’m becoming a wind
If words are not enough, just say it, and let’s cry and scream it out
Genuine incomplete things are surely inside the darkness
Before asking for a wish from a star, let’s kiss the sun
Before we envy the sky soaring birds, let’s hug the ground


走ってきた声が 僕の目と手を掴んで
でもまだ 話さない 何も
明かりもつけず影を踏んで そこにいるんだ

壊さないよう 傷つけないようにただ

good bye my first day

君が白であればあるほど 僕は影になろう
新しい光に手を晒して 翳してみてよ
君が光であればあるほど 僕は黒になろう



君が音であればあるほど 僕は風になろう
言葉は足りないと言い 泣き叫んでしまうけれど

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