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Album of the Month [September 2012] : School Food Punishment – Prog-Roid

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1. free quiet
2. RPG
3. in bloom
4. ウツロウ、サンガツ(Utsurou Sangatsu)
5. ≠
6. are
7. Ura Omote
8. ハーレション (Halation)
9. flashback trip syndrome
10. 光 (Hikari)
11. Y/N

If you are looking experimental electronic Japanese rock/pop, then this album is for your ears to grace on. This album is one of those albums when you can’t fully appreciate in one hearing. You have to indulge yourself to listening a number of times to notice the significance of each song. My favorite tracks are the gloomy eerie “free quiet”, sunshine feel refreshing “in bloom”, the jazzy stuff “≠” and the uplifting “Halation”. Y/N also is a catchy song with jazzy dynamics mix. A must recommend for Japanese Music lovers to try something new because when it comes to school food punishment, their music has heart and is indeed unique.

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