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ジン – フーガ

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Jinn – Fuga (Fugue)

Song & Lyrics: Jinn
Translation: Kafka

In this world, I’m walking alone
Surveying around the winds are clouds of sands
Those clouds are in the way.

I thought you were also watching
The same sky humans know of
Surprisingly, the wind cried

Even I don’t know
It’s definitely not here
Lost in this expanding world
Before, the world was born from wishes
We are connected to the edge of the world
From this end, right now, I sing

Search for a conclusion

Someone, please fix your eyes on this world
It’s beautiful and silently murmurs
Blurred with tears

Right now, to able to live is everything
It’s just, I want to love and wish
For the winds to halt

It’s not always about unending trivia
We are connected to the edge of the world
From this end, I sing a song

The wind got involved in an ancient dream
Profound fragrance of fallen leaves
A wounded beast with a chipped fang
No worries, I’m not scared at all

In this magnificent world
In order to move forward, live on
This voice, please accept it

No worries, this world is still…

When it’s still not the end
We still can welcome mornings
Right now, the world we are connected in
Sings about love.

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