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小南泰葉 – 嘘憑きとサルヴァドール

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Kominami Yasuha – Usotsuki to Salvadore (A Liar and A Salvador)

Music: Kominami Yasuha
Lyrics: Kominami Yasuha
Singer: Kominami Yasuha
Translator: Kafka

To become a myth and a legend, things that appeared in such way and the answer pressing lust are excitingly intoxicating.
Struggling among the juvenile wolf and docile sheep, it’s spinning my daily life.

My lying obsessive self stands before the mirror every morning, I take off the today’s chosen mask.
“Where shall we do it? as my God says” let’s put it that way

Hey, How did you do it even though you can’t bring anything to that world?
Why is that unreasonable people unreasonably argue and cry?

I miss the world today, I miss the world today
I miss you tonight, this pinky promise possesses lies, you shall swallow needles.

Don’t hide and come on out! it’s okay, I won’t cook and eat you
I’m already tired of it, coexisting with such a liar

“Your greatest enemy is oneself” as indicated by my teacher
You mean defeat and kill myself?

I miss the world, even today the world is spinning without you
I’m still hating you, you lied with a pinky promise, you shall swallow needles.

Risking your life, what are you gonna protect?
“Don’t be afraid of perfection since one can’t be perfect anyway”

To be born, to live, to die, out of these 3 things, to me, the 2nd is the most hardest to do.

I miss the world today, this world, this world
I miss myself tonight, this world, this world

I miss the world today, even today this world spins even without me
I’m still hating me, I lied with a pinky promise, I shall swallow needles, we entwined our pinkies and promised…

Japanese (Kanji):

神話と伝説に成るために これでもかと畳み掛けて行く欲望 興奮に陶酔し
子供らしい狼と大人しい羊達の中もがき縋り 日々を紡いでいます

嘘に取り憑かれた僕は 毎朝鏡の前に立ち 今日のマスクを選び抜く
『どちらにしようかな ぼくの かみさまのいうとおり』にしてしまいましょう


I miss the world today この世界を今日は寂しく思った
I miss you tonight 指きりげんまん嘘憑いた 君に針飲まそう

隠れてないでさぁ出ておいでよ 煮て食ったりはしないからさ
もう疲れたんだ 僕と嘘憑きを両立させるのは

『最大の敵は自分自身です。』って先生 それ

I miss the world today この世界は今日も君無しで周っている
I’m still hating you 指きりげんまん嘘憑いた 君に針飲まそう

産まれ 生き 死に たった3つの事なのに 2番目がどうも僕には難しいのさ
I miss the world today この世界は この世界は
I miss myself tonight この世界は この世界は

I miss the world today この世界は今日も僕無しで周ろうとする
I’m still hating me 指切り拳万嘘ついた 僕に針飲まそう 指切った

*A rock song from the uprising solo artist, in this song, she shows her voice versatility, and the way she rolls her “R”s really reminds me of Shiina Ringo which is her trademark during her young career.

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