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Supercell – 夜が明けるよ~Yoru ga Akeru yo~

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Supercell – Yoru ga Akeru yo(The night dawns)

Translator: Kafka

Where is that sheep going?
Most likely it’s where paradise is
We can forget about loneliness and anxiety
With scars covered all over

Spending numerous sleepless nights
If you could notice, I was still struggling
In this deep blue sky

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep
Everything will be beginning
Cuz’ the night will be dawning soon
In that matter, I was able to think about right now

I wonder why people can’t live without a purpose
The cryings, the fights and the love affections
All those will soon be forgotten though

One sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep
Four Sheep, Five Sheep, Six Sheep

If it’s only the truth, then it’s fine
(Seven Sheep, Eight Sheep, Nine Sheep)
I don’t need anything else
(Ten Sheep, Eleven Sheep, Twelve Sheep)
However, I wonder can such world exist?
(Thirty Sheep, Forty Sheep, Fifty Sheep)
(Sixty Sheep, Seventy Sheep, Eighty Sheep)
I want to see you, I miss you
I want to see you, see you…

*ahh the perfect song for counting sheep when trying to sleep. Nagi’s chilling soothing voice fills the song with a relaxing feeling that we can have wonderful dreams in our comfy sleep. A good way to the end the song, missing the person you love right before sleep blankets you into dreamland where you can think more freely about him/her.

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