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YUI – Rain Single Review

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1. Rain

2. a room

3. How Crazy ~Yui Acoustic Version~

4. Rain(instrumental)


Ahh, another song from yui for the yuletide season. Should be thankful to yui for giving us another song filled with warmth and genuine feelings. Actually, songs are quite not positive however yui tells us not to loose hope and embrace all difficulties to conquer walls that block our views and ways. This single is not a happy single. All songs are about her depression and difficulties that are part of her life. Of course as we listen to her songs, we feel them alongside her. Thats the beauty of her songs, every songs she makes has so much emotion that her feelings toward her songs conveys to our hearts as we listen. Nonetheless, this single is still exceptional regardless of its dark feelings even though we are in the yuletide season.

1. Rain – An upbeat rock but subtle song like her “its all too much”, it starts with a cool guitar rift harmonized with the other instruments especially the bass. Actually the bass player of this song is Nohana from Stereopony, no wonder the bass sounds so good. Then cuts to yui singing as if she was just from a rain-drenched depressing evening alone on Christmas Eve, when the chorus kicks in she felt she had conquered her lonely sadness and her strength has build up, as the bridge sets up, her “Sayounara da ne”(so this goodbye…) brings up so much feelings that we feel her pain. Letting go is one the hardest to do. After that she sings with the keyboard as her only ally in this song as if she’s the only person in the world, then builds up to the chorus to the ending guitar riff. This song is actually about on Christmas Eve when she lonely waits for her loved one on a rainy night surrounded by lovers however she painfully knows very well that he will not come and after this night she will not see him again so she struggles with her feelings to move forward and let go but its not that easy. Poor yui, i wish i could be at her side. (keep dreaming myself!! xD)

2. a room – this song.. i can definitely relate… this song.. this ballad from yui.. i can definitely relate. Why? thats because this song is about a unrequited love that is so far that it can’t be reached however with courage and inspiration, we’d like to know what he/she is doing right now or how is he/she and then we’d like to catch up with them with all their might cuz in our hearts he/she is still the only one. Even though we want to be their side, but we can’t, its difficult and still awkward. We just want to catch up on him/her. Just to know that he/she is happy. Further details will be below as a lyric english translation. You’ll know what i mean as i feel the same her. One of the reasons i like yui’s songs is that her lyrics relate too much to my life.

3. How Crazy ~Yui Acoustic Version~ – the acoustic version of “Can’t Buy My Love”‘s How Crazy. As usual, yui acoustic versions sounds as good as the original, even some better, in case still don’t know what this song means, this song is about how crazy that she keeps worry on what life stores for her in the future of her music career. She talks about her depressed days when everything seems dark and surrounded by insecurities. Everybody has their downfall time, and that they need to overcome them, after that, we had grown up.

4. Rain(instrumental) – nothing new, no vocals. Good for covering this song and karaoke. However, the song is just not the same without yui’s breathtaking unique voice.

Overall, this single is like other yui’s singles, over the top awesomeness. As expected. A recommendation without hesitation.

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