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YUI – Green a.live

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YUI – Green a.live

Translated by: kafka
Song & Lyrics by: YUI

Love, while being powerless as it is, held on
I kept on working instead of sighing on these white cruelties
Late night at a burger shop
A lone girl waits for morning
What is the thing I lost?

I love you to the point of breaking apart
Oh your Love
I remember your warmth, Oh Tell me
Justice, I wonder what is it?
Hatred, where does it go? oh baby
hey God, whose side are you on?
come a.live

Dance, if a smile is like dancing
Just little bit, the hem of my skirt became a hindrance
Wandering through the city touching pretty things
I became aware of my unchanging self

Sadness will eventually become Kindness, Oh Get back
Kindness will become the strength of people to protect But for me
I’m giving it my all, you know
To live through right now
oh baby
hey God, who are you protecting?

Cause’ I’m always believing in the future
Together, you and I are born in the same era

I desire a definite answer, no no no
LOVE YOUR LOVE also becomes painful

And yet, Justice, I wonder what it is?
Hatred, where does it go?
oh baby however I must live on tomorrow’s way

I love you to the point of breaking apart
No Crime
There are also no crimes but we have face reality
For the light that’s going to shine 10 years after
oh baby, right now, I’ll be heading for tomorrow
I want you also to come
come a.live


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