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ねごと – Drop

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Negoto – Drop

A transient waltz
Within the dozed off time
Light and Shadows ridicules
The roadshow’s sunlight filtering through trees
Fortuitously met lovers
Like whispers of the afternoon
Even if the ring is lost, promises won’t disappear

The glass complexion wind dances
From the prologue, ride on the air currents
One’s first speech spills out
The sky is distancing, distancing

Echoing memories are sweeping away
Chase after the blown away hat

The glass complexion wind dances
This end roll is going to continue
The beginning of eternity spills out
This heart is distancing, distancing

*Negoto’s B-side song in their Sharp # single, love the mood of this song, I feel like walking through a city and everything is made of glass and see through… in other words, walking a road where you see everything and it’s safe and you can trust everything… Drum work is as always awesome, some off beat patterns and odd time sigs.. love how they again created a song with unique sound and pattern…


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