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ステレポニー – 友達の恋人(Stereopony – Tomodachi no Koibito ~ Friend’s Lover)

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Stereopony – Tomodachi no Koibito(Friend’s Lover)

Song: AIMI
Lyrics: AIMI
Translator: Kafka

Same old tree lined street, Same old smiley faces
When did I notice about you and that girl?

After that, it’s all about your dates and fights
You seemed so happy talking about it but..
You really wanted to know how I feel about it

However, on that day when we started talking on the phone
When did I star to enjoying this?

I want only you close to me
Why oh why am I feeling hopeless that my heart hurts?
How do you feel about me?
There’s no way I could ask that cuz’ your a friend’s lover

“We had a fight” you said sounding unusually lonely
Comforting you on the phone until sunrise

You said “Thank You” with a kind voice – that single word is going away

You are gradually growing inside me
I am hopelessly in love with you to the point my heart aches
I want to see you right now, I miss you right now – We really can’t meet can we?…I thought that much
I lost sight of everything, I begun hating myself

That’s right, one day, when I’m depressed, when I’m crying too
“We are best friends right?” you cheered me up being at my side
Ahh…Such a very important thing, How could I did not realize it?
Tears are flowing endlessly

Falling in love with you
I will never regret it

If I just think that you are always inside me
I remember what’s important to me
For me to forget you, I pour out all my tears
Even all that, You are still my precious friend’s lover

Japanese Lyrics:

itsumo no namiki michi to itsumo no waraigao tachi
anoko to kimi no koto wa itsu kara kizuiteta

sore kara deeto ya kenka no hanashi wo
ureshisou ni hanasu kedo
boku kara hontou no kimochi wo kiite hoshii to

dakedo ano hi kimi ni kaketa denwa
itsu kara ka tanoshimi ni natte

kimi soba ni iru dake de
nande doushomonaku mune ga itai
kimi ga boku wo dou omou nante
kikeru wake nai datte kimi wa tomodachi no koibito

“Aitsu to kenka shita” tte…itsu ni naku sabishisou ni
asa made nagusametakke… sonna denwa no kiri giwa ni

yasashii koe de “arigatou” tte itta sono hitokoto ga tookute

kimi wa boku no naka de dondon ookikunaru
suki de doushiyoumonaku mune ga itai
ima aitai! ima aitai! aenai..omouhodo
nanimo kamo mienai jibun ga kirai ni naruyo

sou itsuka boku ga ochikonda toki naita toki mo
“shinyuu dakara” tte soba ni ite hagemashitekureta
aa sonna daiji na koto wo boku ha doushite kizukanakatta no?
namida tomaranai

boku wa kimi wo suki ni natta koto wo
zettai ni koukai shinai yo

kimi ga boku no naka ni kigazuitara ite
boku wa taisetsu na koto wo omoidashita yo
kimi wo wasureru tame ni namida wo nagasou
datte kimi wa boku ni daiji na tomodachi no koibito

*ahh another unrequited love song… AIMI really knows the feeling. She is in every way right you know.. even though its from AIMI’s(a girl) point of view… I can really relate much.. cuz I felt this way once. There always this borderline that you can’t really cross and that borderline is a friend’s bond, trust and happiness. Even you don’t know and have never met that person before, its still that person’s happiness and especially knowing that happiness is already shared creating more happiness making such a precious memory. The only thing to do is just wait behind that borderline until it disappears, and that is the time to step forward. Well, there’s one mindset that it doesn’t matter if you cross the border, it really depends on that person’s character. However, there is always consequences once you go over the border. One more, if you receive a clarification that its really ok to cross the border, then by all means, go ahead. This is the value that I thought out from this song..

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