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ステレオポニー – Stand by Me

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Stereopony – Stand by Me

Translator: Kafka

My heart’s throbbing voice
Becomes familiarized before anyone notices

Even when the wind blows strong
Don’t ever close your eyes, always face forward

If you feel like crying, just remember
That secretly agreed oath we had

The departing nestlings’s song
Even now can’t fly that well
Over time and determined to
Pursue tied hands

A wave of piled up emotions
They spin, they severely bound to each other

Carefully turned towards
That kind look which now and then stabs my chest

I lost sight of myself because I covered up
A destination to which I only can know

The departing nestlings
They don’t flock together but flies to their respective places
If you know the meaning of solitude, then all the more
Believing when we connect

Stand by me
Your warmth
It’s being transmitted to me, right now

The departing nestlings’s song
Even now can’t fly that well
Over time and determined to
Pursue tied hands

So I never let you go!!
Even if words just disappears into the sky
Don’t lose your way among the scattered light
Because I will find and get you out

*AIMI’s lyrics keeps on being more inspiring… she again, composed and wrote the song.. Now that they transferred to the main label of Sony Records, the quality of their songs shot up so high now and they added a support guitarist, Mao. Basically they are now 4 members, however Mao is still not introduced as a part of the band. With a 2nd guitarist, their music will evolve more. I like how SHIHO drastically improved her drumming skills in this song, she has more confidence to let out some her hidden talents as a great drummer, she adds more fills now and to say the least, it’s hard to do and a little complex if you refer it to the odd time signature curriculum. Also I love their new look, makes them more mature now, and as usual, the best woman bassist NOHANA never fails to create some awesome bass lines and bass handiwork xD


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