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ジン – 100万回好きだと言って(Jinn – Hyakuman kai suki da to itte ~ Say “I love you” a million times)


Jinn – Hyakuman kai suki da to itte(Say “I love you” a million times)

Lyrics: Hiitan
Song: Jinn
Translator: Kafka

We can’t turn back now now that you let of go my hand
We’re on a verge of breaking up
Pushed by the current of humans
We pass through the ticket gate

Don’t recognize this face too? its your lover
Covering my ears in this argument
Don’t want to be deceived by this feeling
Too late, can’t escape anymore

So Lonely and awkward
I have to come to hate being alone
‘I can’t stand you and me anymore”
I’m full aware of that

Being weak
We embrace each other

Say “I love you” a million times
I forgave you a million times
We made mistakes a million times
Fix your eyes only for me

How many more times I have to forgive you?
How many more times I have to doubt you?
Even it pains me that much, I don’t wanna lose you

Without you, its feels so dull
A Sunday without a single reply from you
Wandering the streets aimlessly
I felt down and fuzzy

With worthless efforts, I fall down
I have come to hate everything already
“I really want to run away”
That’s what I merely thought

I’m not that perfect
I do really love you

Say “I love you” million times
Being deceived by you a million times
Missing you a million and ten thousand times
I feel like crying

How many more times I wanted to touch you?
How many more times would I pour out my tears?
I want to be entwined by the sweet and cunning you

Say “I love you” a million times
Proving it a million times
Searching for you a million times

Where the hell are you?

Even I’m weak, I detest being one
No matter what happens, I have to move on
I just want to lump together all these love for you

and yet…

You’ve saved me a million times
You’ve forsaken me a million times
[However I’ve always held your hands right?]
You said to me

Even though dishonest, we are certain
I respect your choices
Inside my mind, I’m burying myself with you

Japanese Lyrics:
Te wo hanaseba furikaeranai
Sonna bokura no wakaregiwa
Hito no nagare ni oshi modosare
Kaisatsu kuguttaKao mo shiranai kimi no koibito
Seiron ni mimi fusaide
Kono kimochi wo gomakasenai
Mou nogarerannaiSamishigariya bukiyou de
Hitori ga mou yannachatte
Kimi mo boku motaerannai te
Wakari agatsuttenda
You wachi mama
Dakiatte saHyakumankai suki da to itte
Hyakumankai yurusaretakute
Hyakumankai machigattatte
Boku dake mite yo
Ato nankai kimi wo yurushite
Ato nankai utagattatte
Kurushikute mo ushinaitaku wa nainda yoKimi ga inakucha tsumaranai na
Henshin no nai nichiyoubi
Iku ate mo naku machi bura tsuite
Moyamoya shitendaKara mawari de koronnjatte
Mou zenbu ga yanna tsukette
Honto wa nigetcha itai te
Honno chotto omotenda
Fukanzenda yo
Demo suki nanda yo

Hyakumankai suki da to itte
Hyakuankai uragira rettatte
Hyakuichimankai kimi ni aitakutte
Kyuukete kunda

Ato nankai kimi ni sawate
Ato nankai namida nagashite
Amakute zurui kimi ni karamattetai

Hyakumankai suki da to itte
Hyakumankai tashika me ate
Hyakumankai kimi wo sagashite runnda
Doko ni inda yo

Yowakutte mo nikumenakutte
Machigatte mo tsuzuketetakute
Hikurumete aishite itai dake sa

Nano ni

Hyakumankai boku wo sukute
Hyakumankai tsuki hasarete
“Demo zutto te wo tsunai dekitane” te
Kimi wa iu nda

Zurukutte mo bokura wa kitto
Sentakushi wo mitomete kunda
Atama n naka kimi de umatte kunda yo

*a truly great song. this has become my favorite song from them. Hiitan did a great job on her emotional lyrics. She said on her blog that this song is about her in such a crazy delirium where her hair in a disheveled state while being angry, sad, loney and emotional unstable at the same time. A truly great rockish love song. ^^


2 thoughts on “ジン – 100万回好きだと言って(Jinn – Hyakuman kai suki da to itte ~ Say “I love you” a million times)

  1. Thanks for posting this translation!

    Thanks for the English translation! 😀

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