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ねごと – Sharp #

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Negoto – Sharp #

Song & Lyrics: Masuda Mizuki, Aoyama Sachiko
Translator: Kafka

It’s not love nor it’s something touchable
It was just a fleeting wish
Only you and only that
Was just a light I was gazing at

Right now, I’ll force out destiny
So before getting swept by the stroboscope of time
I’ll run faster through it
I want to become that star

Lai lalai lai
Lai lalai lai

Not promising anything
Just counts as a single promise
Ahh time seems to be stopping
The truth, I wonder what is it?
Where we will we might end up?

Right now, the galaxy is twinkling
So before getting invited to a monochrome dream
Tonight, without wavering, I’ll rip up out my heart
I want to become that star

Even if it was just an illusion
Getting closer to this passionate back
It’s a one second miracle
Until it turns into pursuing dust

It’s that single moment of light
No matter what, I’ll chase it through all the way
This throbbing is passing through time
Continue on without making footprints
It’s okay to be conventional
Love is the reason we show our true colors

*this is negoto’s 2nd single Sharp #, this single also commemorates their graduation from university, which means they’ll be on full time now on their musical career making them more prolific in making even more awesome songs and more time to polish their musical talent. As usual, Sachiko’s voice brightens up the song and sincerely captures us with her own vocal work.


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