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ねごと – AO

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Negoto – AO

Song: Masuda Mizuki, Aoyama Sachiko
Lyrics: Aoyama Sachiko
Translator: Kafka

While I was hinting on you to comprehend
You were rolling and playing with blue marbles since long time ago

Every week in Sundays, I try to write a letter
But the things I want to convey, I always can’t remember them

The things I have forgotten about you
They probably flew to somewhere
I was happily pretending
How many times was it? Always

Between memories, Today, Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too
Each time we touch
We loose some time

Even if I have forgotten you
I’ll move on to countless nights
My tears overflow
How many times was it? always

Japanese Lyrics:

aidzuchi uchi nagara sakki kara kimi ha
aoi biimada wo korogashite asobu

mai shuu nichiyoubi ni kaitemiru tegami
tsutaetai koto ha itsumo omoidasenainda

kimi ga wasureteshimatta koto
dokka tondeikundarou
shiawase na furi shite tanda
nando datte itsudatte

kioku no aida de kyou ashita asatte mo
fureru tabi ni bokura ha
jikan wo nakushiteku

kimi ga wasureteshimatte mo
ikutsu mo no yoru wo koete mo
namida ha aburerunda
nando datte itsudatte

*all I can say about this song while I translating it and understand what Aoyama-san is conveying is that “Forgetting things especially important to are not that easy” Indeed, some people say that its a need to forget about something cuz those memories crush you. I differ to disagree. To me, memories are part of life. Those are like the cells of creating yourself a better and living life to the fullest. Even those memories are worst, it won’t truly hurt you if you just learn to accept it and use it instead as a catalyst to continue living. If you commit a grave sin, then use that memory as a reason to repent for it. Besides, forgetting isn’t that easy. Even we lose them in our brain, our physical body still remembers them just by a single touch of something, hearing someone’s voice, seeing someone once again, reading someone’s words, the smell of someone’s hair or perfume, tasting one’s favorite or cooked food, those memories will come back as fast as the speed of light.


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