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ねごと – 透き通る衝動 (Sukitooru Shoudou)

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Negoto – Sukitooru Shoudou(Transparent Impulse)

Song: Masuda Mizuki, Aoyama Sachiko
Lyrics: Aoyama Sachiko
Translator: Kafka

Your dazzling whorl of hair in the wind
Your eyes narrowed

Blue shirt fluttering
Grasping the sleeve, I stretched it
If its a dream, please don’t wake me up yet

At that moment when my skirt swayed
Surprisingly, you didn’t even look

This town turns into an aurora
My heart turning transparent, be swept away, washed away
If you touch it, it seems to be like a vanishing telepathy
If you feel it, then please give me an answer

Bound for a place that continues to the galaxy
Using my finger, I traced the tracks of an airplane

I breathed gently right here
I don’t believe something like beyond that
Even if tomorrow comes, its not necessary

In that moment when a spark bursts
Surprisingly you turned into a scenery

This town turns into an aurora
Without hesitating, Run, Dash away
Let’s escape this present moment
Impermanently, just the two of us

Japanese Lyrics(Romajii):

mabushii tsumuji kaze ni
anata ga me wo hosometa

hatameita aoi shatsu no
sode wo tsukande senobishita
yume nara mada samenaideite

shunkan ni sukaato ga yurete
anata igai mienakunatteyuku

machi ha oorora ni kawaru yo
sukitooru kokoro saratte saratte
furetara kiesou na terapashii
kanjita nara outou shite yo

ginga he tsudzuite ikisouna
hikouki no ato yubi de nazotta

sotto koko de iki wo shiteru
sono saki nante shinjinai
ashita ga kite mo konakute ii no

shunkan ni supaaku hajikete
anata igai keshiki ni natte yuku

machi ha oorora ni kawaru yo
tamerawazu ni hashitte hashitte
ima wo nugedashite shimau
eien ja nai futakiri de

*man, Sachiko uses some deep difficult words in this one. This song is from their mini album Hello “Z” and one of their best early release songs. The song comprises of a unique arrangement between the instruments. Each have their own patterns, not paralleled with each other. Nevertheless, the musical intercourse still fits turning it to an awesome sound. As usual, just like other negoto songs, the keyboard leads the songs with the strong drums while the bass and guitar gives the song a strong thick texture.


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