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ねごと – 揺れる(negoto – yureru ~ Sway)

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Negoto – Yureru(Sway)

Song: Masuda Mizuki, Aoyama Sachiko
Lyrics: Aoyama Sachiko
Translator: Kafka

Above a slide, a girl’s skirt nimbly sways
She climbs the stairs to be closer to the sky

Above baseball grounds, a boy waits for someone
His shoes going back and forth to draw on the sand

Ah We won’t be a hindrance to someone
We become adults only once

After rain let up, the swing sways
at 1, 2 lets swing to somewhere far away
Speed up and remarkably become closer
Return and go in reverse

A memory in August where I hang on a horizontal bar
The things I want to say to that person
The things I didn’t say to that person

Be happy, Be lonely, catching the rainbow’s edge

We can’t become anyone
I don’t want to understand
However its time to say farewell

The swing shines, glittering to the sky
Hurl your shoes to somewhere far away
Without the help of gravity, outdistance the rainbow
Stretch your legs, and go in reverse
Do that until you reach the other side of earth
You are bound to reach it right? For sure

Japanese Lyrics:

hirari suberidai no ue sukaato yureru onna no ko
kaidan wo nobotte yuku sora he to chikazuku youni

yakyuu guraundo no ue dareka matteru otoko no ko
ittarikitari no kutsu suna ni e wo kaku youni

aa bokura ha dare ni mo jama sarezuni
mata hitotsu dake otona ni natteku

ameagari no ato buranko
1,2 de swing tooku he
supiido wo agete gunto chikazuite
modosaretari sakarattari shite

hachi gatsu tetsubou ni burasagetekita omoi
ano hito ni iitai koto ha
ano hito ni ha ienai koto

ureshikute samishikute niji no hashikko wo tsukamaeteru

aa bokura ha dare ni mo narenainda
wakaritakunai kedo sayounara no jikan da

sora ni kirameite hikaru buranko
kutsu wo tobasou tooku he
juuryku ha zushite niji wo oikoshite
ashi wo nobashite sakaratte
sou shite itsuka ha chikyuu uragawa made
todoite shimau deshou kitto

*Another happy cheerful song from negoto. As usual, instrumental work is marvelous with the bass and drums holding the song together while the guitar and keyboard makes the song more cheerful and beautiful. Of course, the vocals is so ever sincere and great.


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