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ねごと – メルシールー(Merci Lou)

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Negoto – Merci Lou

Lyrics: Sachiko Aoyama
Song: Mizuki Masuda, Sachiko Aoyama
Translator: Kafka

This is surely the last scene
Behind the door of closed memories
It bloomed in the depths of those eyes
That Blue Sunflower

Hello, hello, hello, hello

Pursue me amidst this gloomy darkness
Merci Lou ~ even as for God
Merci Lou ~ to an unknown place

My heart crash landed in a sorrowful spot
I’m forgotten, Solitude became of me

Hello, hello, hello, hello

A stumbled goodbye
There it was, inside my chest
With my eyelids closed, my eyes are still blinded
Merci Lou ~ even as for God
Merci Lou ~ to an unknown place
Merci Lou ~ even if this is the end

Escaping out of this darkness, my heart is connecting
The shadows of fate are faster than a heartbeat
Merci Lou ~ I can see everything
Merci Lou ~ Its becoming radiant
Merci Lou ~ I’m gonna meet a new end

*”This song is about the feeling of being forgotten” says Aoyama-san the Vocalist, Keyboardist and writer of the lyrics. Some of her phrases were pretty profound to translate so I did my best to create a meaningful translation.. and also about the title, still don’t know why she titled it Merci Lou. Maybe its french or something or a star like Charon. I say the lyrics fits the atmosphere of the song. Fiercely and emotionally dark. Like trying to fight out the darkness that consumes you with solitude while calling out to someone who can save you.


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