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ねごと – サイダーの海(negoto – saidaa no umi ~ Sea of Cider)

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Negoto – Saidaa no Umi (Sea of Cider)

Lyrics: Aoyama Sachiko
Song: Masuda Mizuki, Aoyama Sachiko
Translator: Kafka

As I shake the glass
I dive into the sea of cider
Searching for you

Foam smeared snorkel
If you pop it open with its edges – Look!
It turns into neon

Times when I was taken aback, I run off
My pure chest won’t stop now
To the beat of the carbonic acid
Your transparent self
I wonder why, you still aren’t visible

If you faintly shake it and the waves of cider
Are just like lies – So Come on!
Drink and gulp it down all the way

Times when I was taken aback,
I hesistate to go beyond that point
My heart was appearing and disappearing so suddently
I dissolve submerged in sweet bubbles with you together

Japanese Lyrics:

gurasu yureru saidaa no umi ni
mogurikonde kimi wo sagashita

awa mamire no snorkel no saki ni
hajiketara hora
neon no iro ga somaru

hatto shita toki ni kakedashita junjou (gaaru)
muna ha mou tomaranaku natte
tansan no biito ni toumei no kimi ha
nande ka mada arawarenai

awaku yureru saidaa no nami ha
usa mitai na hora
subete wo nomikonde

hatto shita toki ni tameratte shimatte
sonosaki ni miegakure shita
patto toki haato motteiku kimi to
amai awa no naka tokete yuku


潜り込んで きみを探した




ぱっときたハート 持っていくきみと

*I’m a little confused with lyrics here and what it means. LOL. All I know that Aoyama-san said this song was about Cider(Carbonated Soda) and being refreshed. A good uptempo song though. ^^ A song i want to listen when I run or jog xD


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