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ねごと – カロン(negoto – charon)


Negoto – Charon

Translation by: Kafka
Lyrics: Sachiko Aoyama
Music: Mizuki Masuda, Sachiko Aoyama

Just a single star fell from the sky
At this rate, the night seems to have melted away
It’s like I’m the only person awake in this world
It was a long silent night

Barefooted, I leaped out from the veranda
I extended my hands into the overlooking sky

How many dreams will I have to pass through before I can meet you?
Right now, right now, I’m crossing through a country of tears
The distant yet close moon is just like you
If I believe in this feeling, will I meet you?

Just a single lie, just a single promise
If only I can protect them in the same way
I want to stare at your changing figure
No matter how many kind words I forget ~ahh

How many dreams will I have to pass through before I can meet you?
Right now, right now, I’m crossing through a country of tears
Though there is nothing here that clarifies anything
(I) Sing the usual love song

Inside (my) uneven heart feels like its going overflow
Right now, right now, I want to believe in everything
The Sun dyes up (my) dreams, and then morning came, morning came

Translation notes: on the phrase 朝になっていた、朝になっていた(asa ni natteita, asa ni natteita) literally means “was becoming morning”, it sounds weird as a lyric phrase so I took my liberty to translate it in my own understanding.

*this is my first translation of a negoto song. A good start for the negoto project. Some phrases are confusing and hard to figure out its meaning. Well, lyrics are often like that, sometimes the writer of the lyrics only knows the meaning. But remember this, this MY TRANSLATION version of this lyrics. There are a lot of translations there too especially this song is famous. Also keep in mind, there is no such thing as a perfect accurate translation, everybody has their own way of understanding the language, so don’t complain about how inaccurate or how it implies differently. Anyway this is my own translation, I translated this from my own current ability and understanding of the language. Hope you enjoy the translation I did.


3 thoughts on “ねごと – カロン(negoto – charon)

  1. great work! =) I love this song!
    I think hopeful star disappear,but another hopeful sun(new day) rise.
    I think this song is heavy camouflaged “loss of” love song,so filled with emotion.
    but “true” mean is under the her mind…or may already forgot.Their band name is “talk nonsense”…

  2. Hello. I just found out about Negoto. And their songs give me goosebumps even i don’t understand ^^ Thx for all the translations.

  3. I first saw them at Vamps Halloween Party in October and it was love at first listen. I’m still learning Japanese, but their songs really touch me.

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